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Art Originals and Canvases

From £75

Eagle Owl Canvas - Original by Robert G. Marshall - Artwork by Studio 55
Group of Cape White-eyes - Original painting by Robert G. Marshall - Fine-art by Studio 55

We have a partner website specifically for our original artwork, as well as selling it on Etsy. We sell the original artwork of various artists, including one of the owners of Studio 55, Robert G. Marshall. Our range includes original paintings and canvas prints, varying depending upon what we have available. Our canvases are high quality, and we have decades of experience with artwork and printing. 

To Order

Visit Robert G. Marshall's Online Art Studio


Visit our Etsy Store

Payment is via Secure Bank Transfer if direct, or via Etsy's payment process.

Free UK delivery!

Standard charges apply to international delivery (on Etsy, delivery is included in the price).

Our usual turnaround for our artwork is between 7-10 days.

Canvas Sizes Available, with Prices:

20 x 30cm (about 8 x 12")


30 x 40cm (about 12 x 16")


40 x 60cm (about 16 x 24")


50 x 70cm (about 20 x 28")


60 x 90cm (about 24 x 36")


Delivered UK-wide and internationally, mounted and ready to hang. Packaged in cardboard. 

So, don't delay! Get in touch today!

We use fade-resistant inks for our canvas prints. We are currently unable to offer satin canvases. We advise customers to try to avoid placing or hanging their canvases in direct sunlight, as UV light causes prints of any kind to fade over time.

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