Passport and Identification Photographs


Studio 55 Photography (the professional photographic department of Selectronic, a long-established business based in Essex) has been providing passport photos and identification photographs that always meet the specific requirements (be it for a passport, ID card, blue badge, football ID, driving licence, or visa, or any other type of photo-inclusive identification), for decades, to the people of Essex. As shown in the example below, for just £7.99, you can have a set of four genuinely approved passport-style photographs, for instance, without worrying if they might not pass (as we have been (and are) recommended by our local post-office for many years). No fuss with automatic machines - we take the pictures ourselves with our own professional camera, then we properly edit, print, and cut out (with a special sizing tool) the perfect passport-style photographs, all in a usual time of between 10-15 minutes (a time which is, of course, dependent upon queues). We are additionally able to provide digital versions of the finished photographs, including email attachments and/or copies on a USB device, for example.

Don't live in Essex?...

...No problem! Even if you live in Scotland, there's still a solution! Per our professional photo-editing services, all you have to do is send (email) us a digital version of your photograph, that is usable to the end of us editing it to meet the required standards for the intended purpose, and then either sending the final production to you via one digital method or another, or printing a set (the standard is four photos) and posting them to you (or, indeed, both, if it's preferable). For this long-distance service, customers are required to pay via PayPal (whether or not you have a PayPal account doesn't matter, as we'll send you a "request for payment") before we can complete the order. The price will, of course, depend upon the specifics, for example whether or not we are using a delivery service. However, basically, the cost would be £7.99 (including editing and emailing or/and printing your set of photographs) plus postage and packaging if the order is for delivery.


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