Professional Photo Printing

We specialise in custom printing, including high-quality photos of sizes up to about 3 feet by essentially any length. Our printers and operators are of the highest level, experts with Adobe Photoshop, and they proof every print to ensure retention of the high standards to which we aspire. 

Prices depend upon size, editing and source. For example, a 12" X 8" photo costs £6 from a digital source such as a phone, and £9.60 if copied from an old photograph (with consideration for relevant copyright, so it does depend what photo you are trying to have copied as to if we can complete the order). A 20" X 16" photo sourced by scanning an original is £25 whereas a digitally sourced print of the same size costs £20. This is because when we scan a photo we have to edit it to ensure the colours are correct when printed, while a digital photograph holds its original data relatively ready for printing. 

Order some beautiful high-quality prints today! Call us on 01268 691481 or email us at, or visit us in store at Selectronic (the home of Studio 55), 55a Furtherwick Road, Canvey Island, Essex, SS8 7AG, UK.

Replacing or Adding Elements in / to an Image, by Studio 55
Photo Edit with Softened Colours
Classic Sepia Photo-edit of a Couple