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Professional Photo Printing

Studio 55 specialises in high-quality custom products, including photographic prints. Our printers and operators are of the highest level, experts with Adobe Photoshop, and they proof every print to ensure retention of the high standards to which we aspire. 

Small Prints (inches)


6x4 --- from £2 (reducing with large quantities)

7x5 --- from £3

8x6 --- from £4

Custom sizes within this range are also available, so please ask for details

Minimum Order: £5 (or near enough)



£4.99 per photo

We edit photos to the exact size and shape of your locket.

Free local collection and delivery of your locket. 

Contact us if you would like us to supply a locket with your photo perfectly fitted.

To Order

Email us:

Pay via bank transfer

Free local delivery

Classic Sepia Photo-edit of a Couple
Studio 55 locket photos, with free local collection and delivery, based in Canvey Island, Essex
Replacing or Adding Elements in / to an Image, by Studio 55
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