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Photo Restoration

From Just £5

Photo restoration by Studio 55 Photography in Essex, UK. Visit Sanrosa Images to order online
Expert photo repairs by Studio 55 Photography, Essex, UK. Order online with Sanrosa Images

Studio 55 has been providing the photographic editorial service of restoring old and/or damaged photographs for well over a decade. It is a service which demands great patience and concentration, as well as a high level of digital-artistic skill using Adobe Photoshop to extremely finely edit the picture close up, zooming in to make tiny changes, with the mouse acting as the editor's paintbrush. 

If you have photos that need fixing, email us today at with your enquiry. We will give you a quote, and if you're happy you can pay online via bank transfer. You can have a digital copy and you can also have prints up to A3 size sent to you. Make an enquiry and we'll get back to you right away.

Email us:

Free local collection and delivery!

Or why not email us your photo?

All you need to do is take a picture of your original photograph or scan it and email it to us. It couldn't be easier. And rest assured we keep your data safe under the GDPR. 

Fees vary, naturally, in accordance with each job. Repair work may cost as low as just a few Pounds, but rest assured that we don't ever over-charge for anything, always maintaining reasonable, competitive, prices for our various products and services. Whether your original photo is very old (let's say, for example, 100 years old!), and it's torn and scratched and has acquired stains of sorts over the years, or if you have a rather new photograph that has, for instance, faded as it has been sitting in direct sunlight for a period of time - we can help!

Discoloured photo in need of restoration
Repaired and re-framed photo by Studio 55

An example of a very old, torn, worn, faded photograph which was restored to clear black-and-white glory, repaired "digitally", and printed and re-framed, all by the expert editors at Studio 55 Photography.

A picture in need of restoration of colour (black and white) and repair
Restored and repaired photo, by Studio 55, Selectronic

Another example of a rather old, worn & torn, faded (light- and/or heat-affected) photograph which was restored to once again be perfectly presented, in black-and-white, having been repaired "digitally", all before printing and re-framing the final fixed photo that was "created" by the expert editors at Studio 55 Photography in Essex.

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