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Studio 55 Photography: The Professional Portrait Photography of Selectronic in Canvey Island, Essex

At Studio 55 Photography in Canvey Island, Essex, England, the photographer, Robert G. Marshall, has specialised in portraiture for many years. He was a watercolour artist, painting mostly portraits of birds, though also some fish and some other wildlife. He did this professionally for ten years whilst living in Africa, succeeding in supporting his family with his fine-art. He would take photographs of birds, and use high-quality slides to view the details whilst drawing and then painting the wild and sometimes quite exotic subjects. Continuing with photography only, after moving on from life as a professional artist, Robert's passion for wildlife photography, with his specific interest in birds, has not ever waned. When him and his family purchased Selectronic, the business specialised in electrical goods and photographic services. A little over seven years later, and Robert's wish to become a professional photographer was finally realised, after wanting to do so for years, particularly after acquiring ownership of Selectronic. It was simply a matter of natural progression to advance into actually creating the artwork of photography rather than only ever processing it for customers. And with Ryan Marshall's expertise using Photoshop, gained largely during his studies in College, he naturally became the head editor for the professional photography of Selectronic, while Anne Marshall, having taken control of the framing and photo-album aspect of the business, applies that role to its obvious application within professional photography. Thus, the business of Selectronic has been transformed towards new goals, including its professional photography with its own studio in a section of the premises, called Studio 55 Photography. And unsurprisingly, portrait photography became the focal genre for Robert, which lends itself to his aim of advancing further to offer wedding photography, which is basically just an extension of portrait photography on location.

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