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Headshot Photography at Studio 55, Selectronic, Canvey Island, Essex

Professional headshot photography at Studio 55,

Selectronic, Canvey Island, Essex, SS8 7AG.

Visit our Headshot Prices Page for some ideas of our relevant pricing.

Our offers at present start with a basic set (£29) of four colour and four black & white passport-picture-size prints, and one 8" x 10" colour print, chosen with the client from a selection of a minimum of 15 high-quality photographs. Two pictures are selected by the client to be edited and re-touched, one commercial and one theatrical, each subsequently printed twice in colour and twice in classic black & white (for the passport-picture-size prints).

We move on to a £49 pro shoot that provides a minimum of 30 final high-quality photos from which the client will choose four pictures to be edited and re-touched, two commercial and two theatrical. They are printed accordingly as passport-picture-size prints in colour and black & white (four prints for each pack). Additionally, one 6" x 8" black & white print is included, as well as one 6" x 8" colour print, and the same for 8" x 10" size (one black & white, one colour).

The digital pro offer, at £99, is, you guessed it, the same as the pro offer, but with a nice little digital addition of a minimum of 15 selected photographs edited and included on a USB or a disc.

Always note that we say "minimum" to cover ourselves. That way, there is a reasonable, set, standard we can maintain.

Every deal includes all of the photographs from the session being uploaded to our website in the client's own private gallery.

Having said this, shoots can be customised to suit the client, for example if you'd like a large number of edited digital photographs on a USB device. Just ask us. We're quite friendly. Except for when we haven't yet eaten lunch... Even then.

Our editing is done by our Adobe Photoshop experts, Ryan Marshall and Rob Marshall (our photographer).

Our printing/production is all handled in-house.

Studio 55 Photography

Professional Photography of Selectronic

55a Furtherwick Road

Canvey Island




01268 691481


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