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  • Sean R. Marshall

Cool Photo Edits, by Studio 55

At Studio 55, we can create many different special edits for your photographs, frankly whether the originals have been taken by us or you! Usually, these cool alternatives are with our own photos, such as the new portfolio picture above, for group portraiture. Editing in this sort of way adds some artistic fun into the final products you receive, although it is dependent on your desires for the shoot as to if we include any special edits, in addition to what we think you might like as your final selection. What we want to do is create art, not just take photos! Anyone can pick up a camera these days and take a snap, but real photography and editing is art that requires knowledge, skill, and creativity, all of which demand study and great effort to result in a memorable final product.

Studio 55 is the professional photography of Selectronic, located in Canvey Island, Essex, SS8 7AG, and vastly known locally as the photo-shop.

Tel: 01268 691481


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