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  • Sean R. Marshall

Printing at Studio 55, Selectronic, Canvey, Essex

At Studio 55, Selectronic's photographic department and professional studio, our photographic prints are super top quality, triple checked (sometimes quadruple), and, as the icing and cherries atop the cake, our prices aren't too shabby, either, even if we do say so ourselves (which we do)! Check out our Product Prices page for useful examples. And don't be deterred by some mythical idea that professional photography always costs an arm and a leg (and sometimes other parts, too)! Whether for production or the shoots themselves! There are so many "fake" "professional" photographers: people picking up a camera and instantly calling themselves professionals! You need to be careful where you go, and cautiously consider your options based on genuine quality and technical knowledge (the photographer's, of course...). Otherwise, you may find yourself paying a small fortune you don't have, for something sub-standard, thinking it has to be good if it costs that much! Amongst high competition, we are trying to offer excellent quality at affordable prices, to help our clients as much as possible, rather than simply being greedy. True photography is skill and art, not money-based. But don't just take our word (or wordS) for it! See for yourselves!


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