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Robert G. Marshall's Wildlife Photography

An elegant Little Egret caught in the act, storking... its prey... Dipping one foot in the water, then transferring its weight and balancing on the opposite leg to the previous, as it lifts the new free leg up and out of the calm river, all the while remaining acutely focused on its survival mission.

Photo by Robert G. Marshall, Studio 55's photographer. Throughout his life he has always been particularly interested in birdlife, of wildlife, and to that end was a professional fine-artist for a decade in Africa, primarily painting birds, using photographs he had taken and turned into slides to observe the greatest detail through a hand-held viewer. While macro photography is a significant passion of Rob's, it is an extension of his wildlife photography, in essence.

Studio 55 specialises in portrait photography, including in-house studio portraiture, standard on-location shoots, and events such as weddings. The studio is located in Canvey, Essex, as the professional photography of the traditional family business, Selectronic, which was established in the 1970s.

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