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Passportraiture, at Studio 55: UK Passport-regulation (or any other specifications required) Identif

Any ID photos need to meet relevant requirements dictated by the related organisations. Passports are a major type, demanding very particular details, for many years, now. Don't be tricked by photo-booths that try to say that their photos are passport/Home Office approved, or words to that effect. Whatever the definite statistics, certainly over 90% of the photographs snapped in those automated booths are NOT Home Office Approved! The number of customers who visit us for a SECOND or EVEN THIRD OR FOURTH attempt at having ACCURATE passport photos produced, is staggering! Every single day, we take, with one of our in-house cameras (either Canon or Fuji), photos ready for professional editing to definitely meet the requirements of whatever kind of ID photo is desired, whether for a passport, driving licence, visa, etc. For just £2.99 more than the standard £5 paid (and wasted, often more than once, consecutively!) in photo-booths, you can join the hundreds (more like thousands!) of people who leave our little family business, feeling happy and content in the knowledge that they have not been ripped off or taken for a ride, and that their passport application, for example, will not be rejected (again!, in the case of photo-booth productions, meaning that we also save our customers money, whether they realise it or not!).
Studio 55
55a Furtherwick Road,
Canvey Island,
01268 691481

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