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Studio 55 : Wedding Photography in Essex - Part of Selectronic, Based in Canvey Island

And it's back to the digital pen, after several weeks of pretty solid wedding-related web work, not to mention the organisation of the event itself (for the photography), plus lots of other post-shoot organising. Intensive, but good! The effort required - demanded! - to try to meet the highest quality of photographs and the most professional presentation... A lot. Lots. The bride and groom are kindly allowing us to use key photos from their wedding for our portfolio. We're always extremely grateful to be permitted use of something so personal as clients' portrait photographs. To try to show our gratitude, we're giving said couple a few canvases and framed photos, which have very decent values. Their wedding package will be pretty much comprehensive by the time we're finished! That's what our business is; based on a philosophy of great effort to strive to produce perfect photographs and products thereof. We don't just do things to try to make a buck. We want to create work of the highest quality that will put smiles on our clients' faces.

Now, back to editing. As always, there is a lot of work to be done, and any editor knows how much time the tasks of this occupation take to finalise, from an idea to help further improve business, to proposal, creation, then proofing and publication, before advertising said idea, patience, precision and perseverance are key!

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