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  • Sean R. Marshall

Digital Painting: The Art of Photo Restoration

Restoring old, worn, torn, discoloured photos requires knowledge of the appropriate editing tools in Adobe Photoshop, as well as great patience, concentration and a steady hand. A lot can be accomplished with digital editing. It is technically possible to, dot by dot, digitally "paint" an image. In other words, it's the digital version of fine-art. However, unlike classically painting a picture, there are some limitations. For example, if a photo is to be restored but a subject's glasses (let's say they are wearing glasses) is reflecting light from a flash, for instance, it may be that too much of the person's eye or eyes is or are not visible, meaning that restoration is near to impossible, as there is nothing with which to work. Sometimes copying the other eye (if that one is clear) can fix the problem. But this, too, presents an issue in that it is the wrong eye and may look odd when placed on both sides. It might be possible to create a new eye (including the surrounding area, don't forget!), but this may not look right either. Pixel by pixel, a photo could potentially be changed to the degree whereby the light and dark sides are reversed. This is very difficult, though, and would cost the consumer a fortune! The average customer may be willing to pay in the tens of Pounds, but the hundreds? Unlikely!

Nonetheless, we are able (and willing!) to provide such advanced digital photo editing. We have decades of experience in the fields of professional photography and fine-art, and have been refurbishing damaged photographs for a large portion of those many, many years... So, if you have some photos, old or new, that need repairing (digitally, to be sure; we could tape them back together, but we strongly advise against this), contact us today via telephone on 01268 691481 (office hours) or email at or simply drop by the studio-store in Canvey Island, 55a Furtherwick Road, to find out more about the possibilities and costs of fixing your precious pictures.

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