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Large Canvases & Prints

Large canvas prints and photo prints from Essex, delivered UK-wide, by Studio 55
Studio 55 Canvas Prints from Essex

Studio 55 prints large photographs as mounted canvases and prints. If you live far away, prints can be easily rolled and packaged safely in tubes for sending, whereas mounted canvases are much more tricky. Unmounted canvases can be sent like prints, but then you have the problem of getting them mounted which is similar to finding a frame for a large print but is actually worse as you yourself can put a printed photo into a frame while canvases require someone to know how to mount them properly. If you live nearer, say for example in Essex, we will happily deliver a mounted canvas to you ourselves. If you’re looking for a nice large print or canvas, send us an email today and we will be in touch asap to sort out your order. Oh, and canvases are buy one get one up to half price. Just so you know.

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