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Locket Photos Perfectly Fitted, by Studio 55

Locket photos, with free local locket collection and delivery, by Studio 55, Canvey Island, Essex

Whatever your locket design, we can edit your photos to fit precisely. Each picture costs £4.99. This is for the skills and intricacy required to complete the job to a high standard. Studio 55 is based in Canvey Island, Essex. We provide FREE local collection and delivery of your locket, so that we can scan the locket’s shape to accurately edit the photo/s. If you live a little further away, we can collect and deliver your locket for a delivery charge. This is to ensure your precious locket remains safe throughout the process. It is also possible to send us your locket, or to have us buy the locket you want and then send the completed product to you. Just get in touch with us today to make an enquiry.

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