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The Power of Photography

Photography enables us to instantly capture a moment. Often we see nice, perfect pictures, perhaps of some nature scene. However, isn’t it better to show the truth, rather than only the mask that is our admiration of the beauty of nature while we continue to endlessly destroy everything? No pretty photo can hide us from the reality that everything we have done and are doing will be for nothing if we don’t have a future because of our own destructive ways. Of all the awful things about the world and what is wrong with modern human society, pollution is the worst as it is causing the next mass extinction event. So it might be time for us to act together as one species and put every ounce of effort we have into stopping all of the bad things we do, replacing them with good habits.

Making room for more humans by destroying our only home

Deforestation to make room for more humans.

Deforestation to make way for us

Wood and land to burn and build.

The beauty of the concrete jungle

The concrete jungle, replacing the forests that once dominated, and creating desert-like habitats.

The beauty of Earth

Seemingly pristine wilderness, amongst the increasing chaos humankind has kindly instigated.

Photography is a powerful tool.

Photos from photographers on Pexels.

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