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Privacy and Security Policies


All galleries are locked with passcodes, keeping them entirely secure from anyone who does not possess the relevant codes. 


Studio 55 Photography handles all editing, printing, and canvas-mounting in-house. Made-to-order frames are out-sourced locally, but the final framing of photographs is completed in the studio, with no pictures leaving the premises of Studio 55.


Only with the appropriate written permission, will any customer's photographs be used by Studio 55 Photography for any advertising purposes.



Copyright Ownership


If a high-resolution disc is purchased by any customer, containing all of their photographs from their shoot, technically the customer will have purchased the copyright from Studio 55. Without the high-resolution disc, the copyright remains wholly in the ownership of Studio 55 Photography. 





If children are brought into the studio, or if they are involved in a home or location photo-shoot, we kindly ask that they are kept away from studio equipment, for their safety and our peace-of-mind. 


If pets are being photographed, please ensure that they are controlled away from harming, or causing harm to, photographic equipment. 


When attending a photo-shoot in our studio, please bring an extra, clean pair of shoes, as you will be varyingly positioned on studio backgrounds which roll in front of the backdrop, over the carpeted floor. 


Please try not to be late for your session, as it affects other bookings and it is not guaranteed that you will still be able to have your shoot in its original slot if you are not on time. However, in such a case, please contact us in advance as much as possible to inform us, and to re-book your session if necessary. 


Please note that booking fees, as well as any amounts paid up to and following the photo-shoot, are non-refundable.


Thank you.





Private galleries remain on the website for a period of three months, after which the pictures continue to be stored by Studio 55 on the backup hard-drive indefinitely. 


Regarding printing your photographs, prices do not lower as greater numbers of prints are ordered, since our prices are already vastly competitive, as you will no doubt see when comparing us with many other photographers.


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