Video Tapes: VHS

Camcorder Tapes: 8mm, VHS-C, and Mini-DV

Cine-films: Standard 8mm and Super 8

Video Transfer Service

From £25

In addition to our photographic services, and related to them, we provide a film transfer service for VHS (ordinary video tapes), camcorder tapes (8mm, VHS-C, and Mini-DV), and cine-films (8mm and Super 8). We record, render, and "burn" our orders (yes, we know how that sounds, but don't worry, we actually take good care of your precious originals), for very reasonable prices (we're certain you'll agree, like countless prior clients).

Basic Pricing

£20 for the first disc (including recording and rendering)

plus either

£5 for each 1.5 hour (maximum) tape (all cine-films are within this category)


£7.50 for each tape over 1.5 hours in length

and it costs

£7.50 for each extra disc required or requested

At Studio 55, the photographic department of Selectronic, a long-established business based on the high-street of Canvey Island, Essex, we are very experienced and trusted with regards to safely storing and converting/transferring films from old originals to new digital discs (DVDs) or USB memory sticks. Costs are usually higher when transferring to USB devices as we actually have to do the work twice in order to render it to a USB flashdrive.

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